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The Short Story Group is now hosting a public forum. Use this forum to get critique and feedback, or discuss other things literary.

All things posted in this forum remain the copyright of the author. Please understand however, that we can NOT keep your work from being taken. Please consider this carefully before posting.

This forum also hosts areas for discussing inspiration, getting published and posting links to your sites. There are also areas for visual arts and cartooning. Other areas will be added as peoples' interests dictate.

This forum MUST remain G-rated - people violating this will be banned. "Trolls" will not be tolerated.

The idea behind this forum is to create a small, friendly community where creative people can discuss their work. Renderosity is also recommended as a resource for writers and artists.

4/18/06: The forum is currently being re-worked. It will be online again in a few days.

If you have any questions, please contact:

All poems and short stores herein are the copy written property of the respective authors. Please use the contact form and our admin team will forward your inquiry to the author.

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